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“It is our passion to share unique high-end Belgium Beers and Spirits, brewed or distilled through craftsmanship, perfected over several generations, since the 19th century. Introducing our beverages during Food Shows and Gin Festivals, convinced us that New Zealand is ready for this authentic, traditional craftsmanship! “

Heidi & Carl

Since 1880

Filliers Distillery

Distilled in Belgium, crafted with experience.

Barrel Aged Genever

The Mother of the Gin

The blend of these Barrel Aged Genevers consist of 100% aged Malt Wine (which is very unique), water and Juniper distillate.

They are matured in American Oak Bourbon Barrels for 8-12-17-21 years.

Belgian Dry Gin


Handcrafted Gin, infused and distilled with 28 botanicals carefully selected by the master distillers. It fully expresses the traditional craftsmanship of Filliers ever since their first Gin “Tribute” in 1928. Their Gins, rewarded all over the World with numerous awards.

Single Malt Whisky

The know-how that has been the result of five generations of craftsmanship, enabled the distillery to market a single malt whisky in 2019 that is exclusively European Oak Sherry barrels matured.


This traditional, 100% grain based, premium spirit is carefully crafted by the Filliers master distillers.

The craftsmanship of the Filliers Distillers resulted in a Pure, Lemon and Wild Strawberry Vodka.

Lindemans Worth Boiler
Since 1910

De Moor

De Moor is a family Distillery where, since 1910, passion and craftmanship never has been compromised.

This Single-Estate distillery controls and fine-tunes every step in the production process from grain to spirit, resulting in small-batch masterpieces.

Since 1863

F.X. De Beukelaer

One of the oldest and most famous distilleries in belgium with more than 150 years tradition.

Lindemans Worth Boiler
Since 1802

Lindemans Brewery

The Lindemans story started on a wheat and barley farm. To keep their employees at work during the cold winter months, they brewed Lambic on the side since 1809. A couple years later – 1822 – The Lindemans Lambic Brewery officially opened it’s doors.




Do You Know the Difference Between Lambic & Other Beer Types?

brewing process Lambic

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Exceptional Flavours is a New Zealand based company specialising in discovering small batch high-end spirits which stand out in flavour, production, aging and presentation.

Only breweries, distilleries and very soon also wineries, all family owned over multiple generations that have stood the test of time, and are internationally recognized for their craftmanship, will be part of our selection.

These small-batch single-estate family businesses have no need to affiliate with international marketing groups, which positions our product range as exclusive and still to be discovered. This allows the consumer to explore limited batches of exciting new flavours.

The appreciation of our beverages by independent spirits, beer and wine competitions, e.g., London Spirits Competition, San Francisco World Spirit Competition, SIP Awards, … but also high Difford’s Guide ratings, support our company’s philosophy.

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Our Heritage is Our Pride

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We value and provide excellent service for hotels, bars and restaurants, in open and honest communication about our high-quality products.

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