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Lindemans Lambic Faro

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Part of local folklore, a nectar from the gods that flowed in abundance. A one-year-old lambic matured on oak with added candi sugar, brewed on the basis of an ancient recipe. Lindemans Faro is the perfect beer if you are in need of recuperation after you’ve put in a great effort!

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BreweryLindemans Brewery
Bottle25 cl
CategoryLambic Fruit
Alcohol %4.5% VOL.
Serving Ritual2-3 °C
Tasting notesUnique, perfectly balanced sweet and sour taste. Wonderfully refreshing!
AwardsGold Award at the Great International Beer Festival 2011
Food PairingSpices: coriander Vegetables: avocado, fennel
Sauce: mustard, miso, soy sauce, Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar, Sirop de Liège
Meat: pork stew
Cheese: sour cream Pasta and Bread: polenta Dessert: rice pudding